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Friday Night Service
Friday 7:00 pm


We begin our Sabbath services every Friday evening with a devotional or testimony from a member of our congregation based on their experiences in their Christian walk. The first Friday of the month we hold a special Night of Worship service where we spend an hour in the presence of God worshipping and praising His holy name.  Every third Friday of the month is Night of Prayer and Anointing. We bring our petitions, thanksgiving, and requests before the Lord during this special service.

Sabbath Services
Saturday 10:45 am & 2:00 pm


We continue in honoring the Sabbath by holding Sabbath School every Saturday at 10:45 am. Our studies are Bible based and this is a great opportunity to engage with questions and comments.


Saturday afternoon, we hold our Sabbath Celebration service at 2:00 pm. We spend time in worship in preparation to receive the Word of God through our pastor, co-pastor, or other preachers. During this service, we also hear announcements and reminders of upcoming events, and we conclude in worship and prayer.

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